Sun Coast Amateur radio club society/repeaters


The Club operates a VHF repeater located in Nanaimo and one UHF repeater in Sechelt.

The Nanaimo repeater 147.220MHz + 0.600Mhz, T100.0 Hz

                 Grid coordinates: 49.22N, 124.00W

This repeater is now operational 24/7.

The UHF repeater has been installed in Roberts Creek.

442.650 MHz + 5 MHz, tone 123.0 Hz

If you are out of town use echo link to reach local members on the repeater

For those who wish to use the repeater to make QSO’s worldwide, you can use our IRLP node #1722,  Please look-up the IRLP nodes at

 The club also operates a Winlink Station VE7SCE-10 on 144.490 MHz and a packet digipeating station VE7SCA-7

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